13 Reasons Why Your Friends Ignore You When You Talk

When you meet new people, they are often attentive to your words, but when you meet them repeatedly, they often stop taking you seriously.

Why does this happen?

Your friend might seem to be listening to you when he talks like that, but your attention is elsewhere. You get lost in your thoughts. 

But after a while, you say a short sentence to make your friend feel comfortable speaking alone. Your friend talks as if he will get money for these things.

A man sit on a desk and very upset

How is it that when your friend talks, you don't pay any attention to him, and when you talk, no one pays attention to you? 

Making your image is important when you meet new people. It is just a matter of being more discriminating in what you offer to others who need help.

When people don't take you seriously after a few weeks or don't pay attention to what you say, then you are surely making one of these 13 mistakes.

Read this post carefully and honestly compare yourself with these things if you want people to take you seriously.

1: You Argue A Lot And Give Lectures On Things.

When people see something they dislike, they start lectures and debates wherever they are.

Change your habit if you are one of them. It's because of this that people ignore you. Because no one would like to live with such people who are always ready to debate.  

Even the words of such a person become ineffective. People start to stay away from you instead of paying attention to what you say.

Whenever your friend tells you that he has tension or is in frustration, he needs your shoulder now, your words of consolation and sympathy.

If you argue that the reason for this is because of you, it was your fault, and you shouldn't have done it. The person will no longer regard you as a sympathizer and will not discuss his problem with you in the future.

2: You Judge People

That is, to make assumptions about what people are doing, or about others in the same way, and to believe them as such.

A man once told me that whenever he came into the shop of a man, the shopkeeper always told him to pick up the thing himself and pay him. That man was always very angry about the shopkeeper telling him to do it himself.

The next time this man went to the shop, the shopkeeper struggled to get up and picked things up by himself with sticks. The shopkeeper was disabled.

You begin to judge a person's situation by their appearance, their clothes, their shoes, and their lifestyle. And then you treat them the same way, but they are not the way you treat them.

Therefore, it is not good to judge people without knowing the truth. If people feel that you are judging them, then surely people will ignore you.

3: Selfishness is in your nature

Every relationship relies on the other person being appreciated, valued, and taken care of. But a selfish person cannot do that.

How can anyone be with you if you are selfish and don't think about anyone but yourself? Whenever you think only of yourself and are self-conscious, the other person becomes bored and starts ignoring you because he isn't interested in you.

That's why you need to think about others. Don't talk to yourself when you're sitting next to someone. When people begin to take an interest in you, their attitudes will change.

4: You Present Your Opinion As Reality

Assuming certain things about people or things and then presenting them as though they are true means you've hit the big blender with your words.  

Not everyone is like your teacher who doesn't know what you're doing at the back desk.

In the future, people will only be able to understand your words as a joke if they know the truth once or twice. Then they won't take you seriously anymore.

5: Your Non-Serious Behaviour

When you are in a relationship, even if it is your friend's group. If you fall short by committing and don't take anything seriously. Make plans with friends and then cancel them.

In other words, this is a non-serious behaviour that nobody likes because it's not serious at all. Due to this habit, no one will want to be with you and will start to ignore you.

6: Talking Nonsense About People In Their Back

When you hurt a third person in front of him, he knows that you will say the same thing five minutes later to someone else.

The moment you do something silly behind someone's back, they get to hear you and maybe even laugh at what you say, you realize how big and wonderful what you're doing is.

Whenever you say nonsense things behind someone's back twice, then three times, and every time you say nonsense things to two or four new people, the listener develops an image of you.  

That is, he is full of nonsense. When no one is around, he has no respect for anyone.

Having nonsense gossip about someone behind is a bad habit. Everyone avoids such a person and refuses to talk to him.

7: You Are A Negative-Minded Person

Whenever someone tells you something, you immediately take out the negative aspects and ignore everything positive.  

If someone tells you a person has done a good deed, then you bring up some negative reason that if someone does a good deed, then surely someone will benefit from it.

You only give negative advice to a friend whenever he asks you for advice about something, whether it be a business or education. 

 Whenever he tells you he's interested in doing business, you say, "Dude!" There is no profit in not doing this thing.

When people ask you for advice or start talking to you for encouragement, if you only say negative things, it tarnishes your reputation.

8: You Are Soo Boring

Talking to people about different topics is part of the conversation. However, if you don't have any interest in anything, and you don't know anything extra to entertain or talk to people about, they will be turned off by you. It's because they don't want to live with someone who is boring.

What can anyone talk to you about if you're uninterested in world affairs and have no knowledge of current affairs? 

You should read books to keep yourself entertained and watch the news at least once a week to keep yourself informed. Increasing your knowledge will make you less boring and you will know more about the world around you.

9: You keep crying about g your problems

We have made it our national duty. Everyone has grievances and feels that things are not going well for them.  

You will surely start getting ignored if you keep telling people that this has happened to you, that it has happened, or that you have a complaint on your face.

10: You Lie

It does not matter if you tell a friend something in which you lie ten percent or eighty percent,

Two days later or a week later. Your friend discovers something you've hidden or misrepresented. Do you think your friend will find your words authentic again?

The more lies you tell, the less important you become in people's eyes.

It doesn't matter how long it takes, people realize that you lied and someone has told their version of the story when they talk to you.

The next time they listen to you, they will voluntarily believe you.

11: Only money matters to you

If money is more important to you than a relationship, how can anyone live with you? The only reason you want to be in a relationship with someone is that they are rich. 

 He will ignore you and leave you soon after finding out.

12: You Have High Expectations Of Others

When you are close to someone or have a strong relationship, you tend to have high expectations. It makes you feel like that. However, expecting too much from anyone is foolish.

Relationships can be harmed by expecting the other person to do what he or she cannot do. Due to your high expectations, that person will start ignoring you

13: You're such an unhappy person

If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts and talking to someone, you just say how lonely you are or how sad you are in life.  No one or any of your friends can bear your sadness all the time.

If you are in the same mood all the time, everyone will get bored and will want to get away from you. Be careful not to share your negative thoughts with others. Try to be happy as much as you


Let's summarize all the points and things we discussed.

  • First, you argue a lot and start a debate anywhere.
  • Second, you judge people and treat them on that basis.
  • Third, you are selfish and talk and think only about yourself.
  • Fourth, You present your opinions as reality and want others to accept them as reality.
  • Fifth, your behavior is not serious at all.  You break any promises you make and you don't care about other people's time.
  • Sixth, you talk nonsense about people in their absence and don't have a good opinion of others.
  • Seventh, you talk negatively about everything.  If someone tells you their problem or someone asks you for advice, you say negative things to them.
  • Eighth, you are very boring. You have no interest in any topic and no knowledge.
  • Ninth, you just keep talking about your problems.
  • Tenth, you lie and present another version of reality to others.
  • Eleventh, you only value money and don't value relationships.
  • Twelth, you have high expectations of others. Even you expect others to do things they can't.
  • Thirteenth, you are always unhappy and always have a bad face.


People don't usually ignore others out of choice. There are usually many reasons why people ignore others and you might not even be aware of them.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the reasons why people ignore others and we hope that it has helped you understand other people better. 

If you would like to learn more about the topics discussed in this blog please feel free to contact us.