8 Things You Should Never Tell Anyone If You Want To Succeed In Life

Have you ever regretted telling someone something? Or if you share some things with anyone, you feel that you should keep them private.  

Has it ever happened to you that you were with a friend, and you kept talking to him because he was silent, and you told him things you shouldn't have told him?  

Two friend setting on cheers

 As a matter of fact, it is a trick that people keep quiet and urge you to talk as much as you can, and when you talk, you reveal many of your secrets.

We all have many friends with whom we share a lot of things. Whether you believe in it or not depends on your perspective. However, there are some things we don't want anyone to know about. 

It doesn't matter who you share your thoughts with. You could be talking to a friend or a family member.  Therefore, we have a trusting relationship with him. There is nothing wrong with this. It strengthens the relationship and lightens the burden on our hearts.

Why you should never tell anyone your plans?

Keeping your plans a secret is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success. By keeping them confidential and private, you are protecting yourself from potential risks and setbacks that could occur if someone else were to find out.

Secrecy is essential when it comes to plans because you never know who may be listening or what kind of consequences could occur if someone finds out too soon. It also helps you stay focused on your goals without having to worry about people judging or criticizing your ideas before they are fully developed.

By never telling anyone about your plans, you can avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on developing a successful plan that will help you reach your goals. Keeping your plans confidential will also give you peace of mind knowing that no one else knows what you are up to until the time is right for them to find out.

Here are 8 things you must never tell anyone if you want to succeed:

1: Never Say Anything Bad About Anyone

 Talking bad about people gives you temporary relief, but people judge you too based on these things. Based on these things, your morals are also valued.

 People who say bad things about others are usually the least trusted. On the contrary, most people think that he is talking to us in the same way that he is talking to us in the third person.

 Do not share the words of a friend that he told you to keep secret with anyone. Because it's not a sign of good friends.

Never Say Anything Bad About Anyone

2: Don't Tell Anyone Your Secret to Success

Never share the secret to your success with anyone because if you do, people will copy your success, follow you, and try to emulate it.

 If they fail, they will think you didn't guide them properly and didn't tell them the right way. Your failure will be blamed on you, and you will be accused of hiding the truth.

Therefore, if you have a secret to your success, don't reveal it to anyone, because not everyone has to do everything, and the one who seeks success finds it himself.

The Secret of success

3: Don't Share Your Past Mistakes or Regrets

Never let anyone know about your past mistakes or regrets. You don't tell anyone who you have been at enmity with in the past, who you dislike, or that you still hate them, nor do you say that such and such was against you.

 Let go of things that have passed. As far as mental and physical health is concerned, hatred is just as harmful. 

 In addition, if circumstances change, the information you share with your enemies could be used against you.


 Most of us have made mistakes and regretted them. Keep your mistakes secret if people don't know about them, so people won't judge and use you because of them.
We all make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward.

 Sometimes we are reminded of a past event and wonder when we were so immature.
We must also regret many things of the past that if I hadn't done so, the situation would have been different.

 But some people stay connected to the past. Can't get out of it. They remember their mistakes and regret them and discuss them with people and their friends.

Keep your past mistakes a secret if no one knows them. Don't explain your personality weaknesses in front of people.

4: Your Habits And What You Do In Private

Don't tell people what you do in private and what your habits are. If people don't know about any of your bad habits, they don't need to be told.

If you want any advice from your friend on how to stop this bad habit, you can thoughtfully share this with him or her.

Also, keep your mouth shut about things you should do but don't do. Like, Don't tell people that you don't brush your teeth after two weeks, or that you bathe once a week.

a fat man setted on sofa and watching tv

5: Your Domestic Disputes And Worries

Do not discuss your domestic disputes or worries with others. Do not reveal your domestic disputes to anyone, not even for comfort or to lighten your load. Or listen to a few words of sympathy.

 If you need to tell someone about an issue, tell someone who can genuinely help you or change the situation for you.

 The majority of domestic disputes and disagreements with family members are temporary. It doesn't matter what happens, family members usually get together and forget everything.  

two men fighting

6: Your Salary Or Bank Balance Information 

Keep your salary and bank balance private. Keep it a secret from your self-centered friends.

 Because such friends may try to take advantage of your financial condition. You cannot deny them because they have a lot of information about your wealth. If you refuse, they will surely judge you and make you feel selfish.

 Some of your friends may be afraid of you because of your excess wealth, and if you are completely empty-handed, some of your friends may leave you. 

That's why it's important to keep your salary or bank balance confidential and deal with people according to their daily behavior.

A man showing his salary

7: Your Good Deeds And Achievements

You shouldn't share your good deeds and achievements with everyone. 

 If you have an achievement or a good deed that you have done, it will be known to people one day or another. Because goodness cannot be stopped for long by anyone.

 So if you have done a good deed, don't advertise it yourself, and don't go and tell people about it yourself. Because this way people will not think you are good and will say he is just bragging all the time.

Keep doing good deeds. Your goodness will eventually be proven by all this time
You just keep doing the right things. There will come a time when everyone will see how good you are

Your Good Deeds And Achievements

8: Your Goals And Objectives

There is a proven science behind it that states there is a higher chance of achieving your goals if you don't speak to people about them.

When you tell your friends about your goals, your friends can feel good about themselves and they will give you credit for your goals, according to research on Goal Setting. So the desire to achieve this goal in your heart decreases.

If you have big plans in life or some ambitious goals you have set, do not share them with anyone until you have achieved them.

If you tell people about your goal, you might feel like you've achieved it to some extent. When you receive praise, your brain releases the same endorphins that are released when you achieve a goal.

So you get the feeling that you are already successful by telling people about your purpose, so you do not have to work hard.

 Failure in your goal will cause you to be embarrassed in front of people, and this will lead to you having a negative image in front of them. That this person just keeps bragging and doing nothing.

Second, if you have a good or unique idea, your competitor might act on it before you do. So work hard and let the noise ruin your success.

goals wrote on notebook


  • So first of all we talk you should not talk badly behind someone's back or anyone say anything about a person.
  •  The second was that you shouldn't reveal your success secrets to anyone. Because if you do that and people don't succeed, they will start blaming you.
  • Third, we know we should not talk about our past mistakes or regrets to anyone and move on as soon as possible.
  • Fourth, we talked about if you do things alone, you shouldn't tell anyone about them. And if you do, share it with a trusted friend who can help you get rid of the habit.
  • Fifth, we know that we shouldn't talk about domestic disputes or bitterness with anyone. Family members become one later, but our listeners never forget.
  • Sixth, do not share your salary or bank account information with anyone.
  • Seventh, keep your good deeds and achievements a secret. Because if you are doing really good deeds, then one day people will get away with it.
  • Eighth, We should not share our goals and objectives with anyone. By doing so, you greatly reduce your chances of success.


Is it good to tell people about your plan?

It depends on the specific plan and the people you are telling. In general, it can be beneficial to share your plans with trusted friends, family, or colleagues, as they can offer support, advice, and accountability. 

However, it may be better to keep the plan confidential, especially if it involves sensitive information. Additionally, if the plan is not fully formed or may change, it may be wise to wait until it is more solidified before sharing it with others.

Should you talk about your plans?

Depending on the situation and the person you are speaking with, it will vary. In general, it is wise to keep your plans private until they are set in stone. But, it can be helpful to share your plans with friends and family if you are seeking advice or support. 

Additionally, if you are in a leadership role, it may be helpful to share your plans with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Should you tell others your goals?

A person's specific goals determine what is appropriate and what is not in terms of specific goals. This varies from person to person. However, it may not be advisable or beneficial to divulge sensitive or personal goals to others. 

Ultimately, the decision to share or keep goals private should be based on personal preference and the potential impact on oneself and others.