15 Habits Of a Mentally Strong Person

 Do you know what it means to be mentally strong? and what makes a person strong mentally and emotionally.

 In 1914, Thomas Elva Edison's factory was completely destroyed by fire. The fire was so bad that nothing was left. They lost US 23 million at the time. And a prototype he had been working on for years was burned in the fire.

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The way Thomas Elva Edison reacted to this whole situation is called mental tuffnes.  He said, "Thanks God, all the mistakes I've been making so far have burned out. Now I can start a fresh beginning.

One of the great qualities of a mentally tuff person is that he knows how to handle himself even in the worst of times and has a positive attitude.

But the fact is Mentally Strong people are not born with their mentally strong muscles from childhood, but actually mental strength is developed trough of good habits.  And these are the habits that set them apart from other people.

We all come to such a point from time to time that life tests our mental tuffnes.  Whether it's an unfulfilling career, lack of parental support or some other big problem.  You have to be strong to deal with every phase.

Like good diet and regular exercise makes you physically strong.  Similarly, there are some habits that make a mentally weak person mentally strong.

However, being mentally strong is not as easy as it sounds.  Every time you try to change your habits, people around you will either stop you from changing or you will stop working because of your discomfort.

So in this blog post, I will talk about 15 habits that are quite simple and at the same time if you start practicing them you will soon be able to develop your mental strength.

1: Embarrassing Change

The eagle is the only bird that can live up to 70 years.  But to survive this age, every eagle has to make a very difficult decision.  Because after living for forty years, the claws of an eagle are no longer able to prey on them easily and its claws become weak.  In addition, its long, sharp beak is curved and becomes so thick and heavy that it is difficult for an eagle to fly.

This is the only time in the forties when Eagle has only two options.  Either he dies like that, or he accepts himself for a painful change.  In the life of an eagle, this process takes one hundred and fifty days.

And for this process the eagle has to sit on the top of a mountain and there it has to keep hitting its beak on a rock till its beak comes out and falls down.  And after the beak separates, the eagle waits for a new beak to emerge.

When a new beak grows, it pulls out its claws with its sharp and strong beak.  And again waits for the new claws to grow. When its pointed and strong claws come back, then it also scratches its old and thick wings with these claws, so that it can grow on new and light ones.

And finally, after these one hundred and fifty days of so much pain, an eagle takes a new flight of its life and begins to live the remaining thirty years of its life.

This means accepting a painful change in order to survive and live life.  Remember that when it rains, all the birds look for a place to escape the rain.  But the eagle is the only bird that has time to fly over the clouds instead of trying to avoid the rain.

That is why even a mentally strong person embers every difficult change and by accepting it he goes through this change and strengthens himself, he is not afraid of change.

2: Sacrifice Your Present For You Future

Mentally strong people sacrifice their present for their future.  Because every mentally strong person knows that if they have fun in their situation, it will ruin their future.  People who are mentally weak need everything positive right now.  Because they have a habit of taking pleasure and they are afraid of pain.  This idea of ​​sacrificing is so deep that the less we discuss it, the less it is.

Most people never understand that the real meaning of sacrificing one's happiness in the present is that you understand the meaning of time and reality.  People who are always postponing their important tasks, they do not understand the time nor do they realize that this habit of theirs is making them mentally weak.  And if they want to achieve something in their life, they have to motivate themselves to work.

So always finish the necessary things in your life and only then reward yourself.

3: Importance Of Sacrifice

Those who understand human phycologi are well aware that sacrifice build resilience, resilience build strength, strength build power and power build purpose.  No purpose can be fulfilled without sacrifice.

Then whether the sacrifice is of bad addiction, junk foods or social life.  You have to sacrifice to get something.  And mentally strong people never shy away from making these sacrifices.

4: They Establish Boundaries

Remember when was the last time you had to do something that ruined your whole schedule, your whole plan and later you regretted that I wish you had stopped doing that then maybe  You would do well to complete the rest of your work.

Sorry if this happens to you often so you may not be mentally strong yet.  Because a mentally strong person knows its boundaries.

He knows what to say no to and what to say yes to, what conversation he should be part of and what conversation he should not be part of.  What to eat and what not to eat.  A mentally strong person knows all this very well. Meaning a mentally strong person is very selective.

5: They Understand Deth Well And Are Not Afraid To Die At All

Most mentally weak people fear death indirectly.  Like either they are afraid to change themselves or they can't really accept.  And a deep understanding of death frees you mentally from so many essus. 

 You have to be very careful with what you are giving your time to activities or people and what problems actually affect your life and what problems to solve is just a waste of time.

  Because you know you have very limited time and one day you will die.  So meditate on your deth and see what you can extract positive from this negative thing.

6: They Always Tell The Truth.

This is the most important habit of becoming mentally strong.  Because lies make you weak.  The more times you lie to others, the more often you are lying to your mental reality.  And you are moving away from your true self.

Most people resort to lies because it would be very painful to face the truth.  Because we form our ego based on our experience and learning, which tells us who we are.

But if at some point we feel that we are probably telling the wrong story about ourselves and lying to ourselves, then that point is a threat to our ego. 

Because the question that comes to our mind is, if you are not what you think you are, then who are you?  This question in itself is enough to kill many false parts of a weak human being.  

And this whole process is necessary for your transformation and your personal growth.

This is why if you want to be mentally strong you have to tell the truth to yourself and others.

7: They focus only on their life and their loved ones.

Mentally strong people do not waste their mental energy on news, politics, jealousy or any other evil, but they focus on improving their life.

Here we are talking about priorities and one's self-esteem.  Because mentally strong people are very secure in themselves and they don't need anyone's approval.

as a result they don't feel like they need to humiliate anyone in order to feel better about themselves.  So you also pay attention to your phycological problems and solve your problems first instead of taking interest in others life.

8: They Take Responsibility For Their Every Action And Decision

No matter how difficult the situation, every mentally strong person will never say that he is a victim or that his fate has been ruined by another human being.

 Rather, they have a habit of taking responsibility for their every action and decision.  And they never fail to apologize for their problems.

So instead of relying on others, take responsibility for your life and accept whatever action results.  It will also make you mentally strong and mature.

9: They Resort To Routine To Stabilize Their Emotions

Setting goals for the long term and creating daily routines to achieve them is very helpful in increasing your mental strength.  Because when your day is well structured, then your brain has enough capacity to deal with other things.

On the other hand, if you are not using your time efficiently, you are always stuck in the confusion of what you should do in every next moment.  

This confusion negatively influences your decision making, risk taking and your ability to deal with problems and makes you mentally weak.

10: They Feel That Their Life Is Under Their Control.

Having control over one's life is called internal locus of control in psychology.  And research shows that people who feel their fate depends on their own actions and less on heavy circumstances.  

Their phycological well-being is comparable to that of those who believe that they have no control over their life.

So always remind yourself that your every move or decision has the power to make or break your destiny.  With this understanding you will lose more control over your life and you will be able to make yourself mentally strong

11: They Take Care Of Their Physical Health

Here we are talking about seven to eight hours of sleep, regular exercise and a diet full of fruits, vegetables and eggs.  Because the way you treat your body also affects your thinking and your mental capabilities. 

If you are physically fit, you will be able to endure more psychological problems and will not give up easily in any situation.

While a pour diet or sedentary lifestyle makes you physically and mentally weak.  This is the reason why mentally strong people pay as much attention to developing their mental abilities directly as they pay attention to their physical abilities.

12: Mentally Strong People Do Not Run Away From Solitude

Solitude is very important for self awareness.  Without spending some time alone, you do not understand which of all the contradictory thoughts  are going on in your mind are your thoughts and which thoughts you borrowed from the news, your friends, your parents or the society.  

The more you question your thoughts alone, the more you can refine your best possible version.  This is why mentally strong people are not afraid to go into solitude but prefer it from time to time.

13: They Do Not Complain In Difficult Situations But Adapt Themselves

This is the most important habit of today.  Where everything changes so fast.  So people who are afraid of change and can't accept it are left behind.

On the other hand, the mentality of mentally strong people is such that they see change and difficulties as opportunities to grow themselves.  And you can also develop this habit, gradually exposing yourself to new situations.

14: They Live In The Present

Most people live a life full of bitterness, regret or anxiety.  And this bad habit of theirs makes them mentally weak.  Live in your present, you have no choice but to suffer.  Get rid of distractions and get in the habit of focusing on the present.

15: They Create Healthy Boundaries And Have Low Expectations Of Others

Being mentally strong means you don't measure other people's tricks and deceptions because you already have no expectations from them and if they say something bad to you they don't take it personally.

At the same time you clearly tell them that you have some boundaries.  And if they are crossed, you cannot take them seriously.

This habit works very effectively in situations where you are dealing with a toxic person